Resilient Traveling



Reflection focuses on taking the big picture into account. To be reflective is to have a balanced perspective of the past and present, as well as thinking about opportunities for future change.

Reflection fosters optimism, flexibility and connectedness. Reflection allows for balanced thinking and the possibility to problem solve.

Short Practices

Step 1

Holding in mind the thoughts and feelings that you may be struggling with; reflect upon both the positive and negative aspects of an event as well as the impact of your internal experiences of this event to help you gain perspective. What can learn from this experience?

  • What is in my control and what is not?
  • Is it helpful for me to be thinking the thoughts I am thinking?
  • Is there any other way to see this situation?
  • What would I say to friend in the same position?
Step 2

What am I wanting to change? What are all my possible options? Is this a current problem, or a potential problem?

Step 3

Can I implement any of these strategies and evaluate their effectiveness?